NGC2264 - The Cone Nebula and the Christmas Tree Cluster


Date:              January 20, 2009

Location:        Seven Sisters Observatory - Manchester MI   

Equipment:    Megrez 90 APO, FFIII, Canon 10D Modified, Orion SSAG 

Conditions:     Very cold but very clear.

Film:               None!  DSLR @ ISO 800    

Exposure:       13 X 600 seconds with 3 X 600 seconds dark frames

Comments:     Shot in the southeast part of my sky - not the best place but far from the worst.  You can see the cone and CT cluster as well as NGC2259 - an open cluster in the upper left and NGC2261 - Hubble's Variable Nebula.  One can also see the "Foxfur" nebula and an interesting dark nebula left of center top.