IC 2118 - The Witchhead Nebula


Date:              November 6, 2008

Location:        Seven Sisters Observatory - Manchester MI   

Equipment:    ZenithStar 66SD APO, FFIII, Canon 10D Modified 

Conditions:     Very good

Film:               None!  DSLR @ ISO 800    

Exposure:       7 X 900 seconds with 2 X 900 seconds dark frame

Comments:     This is a really, REALLY dim object.  This image has several problems.  The focus is a "tad" off and you can see some field rotation (or perhaps coma from being just the slightest out of focus).  This is about as dim an object as I can go after from my S.E. Michigan sky.  I have stretched the image more than what I want to see anything at all.  OTOH - this is WAY better than my last attempt at the Witchhead several years ago.  In the future I must pay more attention to the focus (even if it is 3AM!) and try to get at least three hours of exposure, five would be better!