IC434 / B33 - The Horsehead Nebula


Date:              November 5, 2008

Location:        Seven Sisters Observatory - Manchester MI   

Equipment:    Megrez 90 APO, FFIII, Canon 10D Modified 

Conditions:     Excellent transparency, good seeing

Film:               None!  DSLR @ ISO 800    

Exposure:       10 X 600 seconds with 3 X 600 seconds dark frames and 10 flat frames

Comments:     My goal was to go deeper with this image than any of my past attempts.  I was able to show a fair amount of dim H-alpha emitting clouds that this area has in abundance. Jeff Thrush convinced me to try taking flat fields on this one and it worked out very well.  I will re-process this in a while to see if I can smooth out the area around the stars somewhat.