M8 Lagoon Nebula


Date:              June 30, 2006

Location:        Seven Sisters Observatory - Manchester MI   

Equipment:    Megrez 90 APO, FFIII, Canon 10D Modified IDAS LPR Filter

Conditions:     Excellent - dry and top transparency.  Best night this year.

Film:               None!  DSLR @ ISO 800    

Exposure:       9 X 600 seconds with 3 X 600 seconds dark frames

Comments:     Stacked and processed with Images Plus.  I am very happy with this software - although I have a lot to learn about it.  Lots of stuff to see including Globular NGC 6544 and the nebula areas in the upper left - NGC 6559, IC 4685, IC 1274 and IC 1275.  I like the sweeping "bridge" of nebula that connects these with the Lagoon!