NGC 6960 and Environs


Date:              June 30, 2008

Location:        Seven Sisters Observatory - Manchester MI   

Equipment:    Megrez 90 APO, FFIII, Canon 10D Modified IDAS LPR Filter

Conditions:     Excellent!  Best night of the year so far

Film:               None!  DSLR @ ISO 800    

Exposure:       3 X 600 seconds with 3 X 600 seconds dark frames

Comments:     I took this shot as an experiment.  Last year I was shooting 5 minute sub frames.  Since I got the IDAS LPR filter I have been able to increase the sub-frame exposure.  I tried a 10 minute sub frame to see if I could tease out some of the faint OIII and H-Alpha streaming down from Pickering's Triangular Wisp.  Thin series of exposures shows a lot more than I have in my previous shots.  The interesting news is the histogram was only at about 25% for each sub frame.  I think I can increase the exposure to 15 or 20 minutes on this object.  I will be revisiting the veil area all summer taking a good number of relatively long exposures - should be fun!