Mighty Orion


Date:              February 2000

Location:        Tucson Arizona - Empire Ranch Dark Site      

Equipment:    Canon F-1 w/50mm f1.4 lens stopped to f2.8, G11 w/ ST4

Conditions:    Outstanding - Dark and Clear

Film:              Kodak Ektapress PJ400

Exposure:      2 @ 15 minutes and 1 @ 10 minutes

Comments:    This is a 3 negative stack.  I need Picture Window Pro 2.5 to get more than 4 alignment points to register the negatives well.  Jack Kennedy took the same shot at the same time using Fuji Superia 800 X-Tra.  On his shot you can just begin to see the Witch Head Nebula but on mine Barnard's Loop shows up better.  It is amazing what a difference in color sensitivity different films have.