M 13 Globular Cluster in Hercules

Date:            May 6, 2000            

Location:      Harry Kindt's North West Ohio Dark Sky Home    

Equipment:  10" f10 Meade SCT, G11, ST4, ETX Guide Scope     

Conditions:   Mag 5.5 - Steady Sky  

Film:             Kodak Supra 400      

Exposure:     20 minutes 

Comments:   This was just about the first attempt at long exposure prime focus photography with the 10".  Out of 7 exposures only two of M13 came out at all and tracking / focus could be better on these.  Various problems plagued the other shots.  I had trailing in the "Stargate Asterism" shot and the three 30 minute exposures of the M81 - M82 area were victims of reciprocity failure.  Not much on the negatives at all.  I had a bit of trouble getting the ST4 in focus using the Lumicon Giant Easy Guider.  I ended up using Jack Kennedy's ETX as a guide scope (thanks Jack).  I need to adapt the Taurus Tracker to the 10".  This will make focus and guiding much easier.  Still - on the first attempt I am not too disappointed.  I have learned enough to spot some problems and make the next outing easier.