Mark sent this colorized sketch of STAR 21.  Unlike Mark, I have no problem seeing the shark in the asterism.  That must say something for my warped personality.  Lots of people that I have talked to don't recognize Jaws but they are familiar with the "Little Sagitta" asterism.

I got this shot of STAR 21 - Jaws during the Boon - June Star Party.  This is the first shot taken through the new 5" f9 refractor.  Jaws is located in the right center of the frame.  The three bright close stars are his open mouth.  The shark body is a line of stars that curve up and to the left. A single star right of this line defines the "shark fin".  Oh, the odd object to the left is not a UFO.  M 104 - the Sombrero Galaxy shares the field of view with Jaws!