Mark has sent a wonderful sketch of STAR3 - Kemble's Cascade.

This is an enlargement of Mark's "Colorized" sketch.  I think you will agree that the subtle colors give a wonderful feel for the sight through the eyepiece.  Notice the small open cluster at the lower right - NGC 1502.


I finally made it out to get some photos and STAR 3 was the first one I took.  This photo is a 10 minute exposure using my 4" f6 refractor.  I used the new Kodak Supra 400 film.  We were on the first Boon trip of the year.  Boon is the Northern Cross Observatory "Wilderness" site and it is located about 15 miles north west of Cadillac Michigan - in Boon Michigan.  The sky was fairly dark but only about 6 of 10 in transparency.

I wanted some way to show the colors fairly well but I am not an artist like Mark.  I found that by purposely de-focusing a lens somewhat the colors are much more apparent.  This shot was also 10 minutes but was taken with my 300mm f4 Sigma camera lens.  I used Fuji NHG II 800 film.