Scott's "S"


Date:            March 2001

Location:       Tucson Arizona Empire Ranch   

Equipment:    300mm f4 Sigma APO camera lens, G11, ST4, Taurus Tracker, Canon F-1 

Conditions:    Very nice and dark

Film:              Kodak Supra 400     

Exposure:      45 minutes

Comments:    This shot, while it shows the horsehead and the flame nebula, is really to show the "S" shaped asterism between the center and right hand belt star.  This was pointed out to me by a fellow named Scott up at Kitt Peak where we were both participating in the Night Observation Program (NOP).  When Scott showed me the asterism I allowed as I had never heard of it - hence the name "Scott's S".  I promised him that I would photograph this and send him a copy, unfortunately I cannot find his e-mail address.  If you are out there Scott - drop me a line!