The Belt and Sword of Orion


Date:            February 3, 2000

Location:      Tucson Arizona - Empire Ranch Observing Site       

Equipment:   300mm f4 Sigma Camera Lens stopped to f5.6, G11, ST4

Conditions:   Outstanding, Dark and Clear

Film:             Kodak Ektapress PJ400

Exposure:     75 minutes

Comments:   This lens is very fussy about proper focus.  I like this shot because it shows the relationship between the belt, the horsehead nebula and the M42 area.  Please note that only the leftmost two belt stars are visible.  You can also see a "loop" structure in the red nebula behind the horsehead.  This is faint but quite large.  Lastly, I really like the multiple diffraction spikes on the brightest stars.  This is caused by the iris in the lens and is a neat effect.