Cone Nebula, Christmas Tree Cluster and Hubble's Variable Nebula


Date:              February 2000

Location:        Tucson Arizona - Empire Ranch Dark Site

Equipment:    4" f6 Refractor, G11 Mount, ST4 and Taurus Tracker III

Conditions:    Dark and Steady - wind picking up

Film:              Kodak PPF400 Hyper-sensitized

Exposure:      2 X 60 Minutes

Comments:    My first use of "hypered" film.  In the 1 hour photo prints the cone and surrounding nebulosity was not visible.  When I stacked the digital images in Picture Window and stretched the contrast in Photoshop the nebula became visible.  This object will require longer exposures and more negatives to stack.  I want to try this with PJ400 non-hypered!