I NEED a shop!!!!!

So I decided to take over half of the pole barn!  In order to move machinery in I needed something other than the dirt floor that I had in there.  I thought about a lot of solutions, concrete, patio stones and a wooden deck style floor.  In the end I decided on the wooden deck.

It went pretty smoothly, I dug out the existing gravel floor in the back of the barn with the help of neighbor Jeff and his tractor.  Then I sunk some pressure treated posts to support the floor.

Once the cement cured I was able to mount a joist system of pressure treated wood.

As you can see the Shop Dog was also the QC inspector.

Once the joists were installed I covered them with a vapor barrier and installed the decking.

I think it works pretty well so far and the cost did not break the bank.  Lots of more work to do but so far - so good!

Once I hung some lights and moved in some machinery I had this:

Not excessively large at 16' X 24' but big enough for my use.