Roger and Sherrie's Blanket Chest.

When I got an invitation to Roger and Sherrie's Christmas wedding I was planning on attending but as the time grew close it became apparent that I could not get the time to travel to Tucson at Christmas time.  I wanted to send something that they would remember.  I looked at the pile of cherry in the barn and decided that whatever I made would be made from cherry!

I finally settled on a blanket chest.  I sketched out a design and started to make pieces for it.  I decided to use box joints for the corners, frame and panel construction and breadboard ends on the top.  I also lined the inside with aromatic cedar.

Fall was progressing and I was in a hurry to get the chest done.  I was, however, wondering how I was going to get it from Michigan to Tucson?  Jack Kennedy came through!  He was visiting his family over the Thanksgiving Holiday and he had room to drive it back to Tucson with him. 

Now that the delivery problem was taken care of I finished the sanding and finishing and assembled the chest.

The french polish on the top came out especially nicely!  All told I was very happy with the project.