Woodworking Projects:

I have been attempting to make furniture and other items for the new house with at least a little success.  Of course, this has resulted in the acquisition of various tools both large and small.  I have also taken over half of the pole barn as a place to make "stuff".  The results of these projects will be shown on the next pages.

Some stock from the "Great UP Cherry Wood Heist"


Dad's Box

Shop Stuff:

A Floor for the Shop

Scrounge - A - Bench

A Lathe Stand


Stickley Side Table

Bedroom Set

Mary's Entertainment Center

Nantucket Bench

Stickley Magazine Racks

Karen's Drop Leaf Table

Cherry Bookcase

Hand Tools:

It's a Slippery Slope

Lathe Stuff:





Roger and Sherrie's Blanket Chest

Christmas Boxes

Beth's Wedding Box

Toys for Tots

Auction Spoils:

I Like Estate Auctions

Wood Heists:

The Great UP Cherry Wood Heist


The New Deck


Nothing beats a good shop dog!